Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick update

I have lost my camera.  Lord knows where it is.  Last seen in one of my many dog bags.

Yesterday we did a demo for the "pet expo" in San Jose, CA.  We were asked to do a demo every hour. We did SEVEN demos.  Lord.  I was tired last night.

Laura and I loaded up my van and drove up to San Jose on Friday evening.  We had two wonderful people help unload the van (Thanks Mardee and Matt) and set up. Our space was smaller than anticipated at about 40x40, but we did put as much stuff as you could in that space. 

Sat Morning found us setting up our little booth with colorful table toppers including free clickers,lots of handouts, candy, and of course, dog cookies.

Each hour we did something a little different from running a small course, to showing how we train our dogs for agility.  At noon we did a weave pole challenge (probably the most fun for everyone, but not the most informative as it was total chaos).   Two teams (Team High Velocity, and Team Speed freaks), participated and with much screaming, dogs barking, and the public surrounding our small area, we had a ton of fun.

In between the demo we set up stuff and everyone had fun playing on the fake turf (thanks Heavenly greens!) - I remember a one point a few of us were laying on the grass playing with a puppy and just enjoying not doing anything!

Fortunately, people stepped up and worked our booth, helping us move equipment whenever we needed it, and ready with their dogs to put on a show.

At 4:25 we did our last demo (our numbers had dwindled by then) and our kind hearted agility friends helped us load the van and Laura and I were on the road by 5:10pm. 

Exhausted with no voice, my husband helped us unload the van and then took me to dinner.  What a great day!


Diana said...

Sounds like lots of fun!! Yea for your husband!

Elf said...

It was fun! But too much with 2 dogs on leash and nowhere to put them between times. I think I'd have had more fun roaming around with my camera! Maybe I'll do that next year, if this is a repeat event. Thanks again for organizing all this and doing the announcing.