Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A little comfort

This past weekend, we xpened our canopy to give the dogs room to relax.  We tossed beds on the grass, relaxed in our chairs and enjoyed wonderful agility.

Fin, when given a choice, always sits in a chair.  It cracks me up.  We'll leave to walk a course, or help set bars, and we come back and Fin is in a chair.

Today, agility, work, work out, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and now it is time to finish up some dishes and relax on the couch. All the pups are following me around whatever I do except Fin.  Fin is in the barkalounger sleeping :)


Trish said...

You sit in chairs when the dogs give you a chance. AND Fin can see better that way! Sheesh, I'd think it's obvious!

Mmmmmm Does Fin need her own chair?

Kathy said...

I love the xpened idea, nice and relaxed ;-)

vici whisner said...

@trish, Fin has her own chair...she chooses to sit in mine :)