Monday, April 25, 2011


Fin and I were on the same wave length this weekend.  Five "Q's".  Yes there were lots of runs where we didn't Q but every run she ran her heart out.
  • 2 pairs
  • 1 snooker
  • 1 standard
  • 1 gamble
There were some missed opportunities:
  • A perfect run in Standard on saturday with a back jump on the LAST jump...Fin keeping me humble.
  • A beautiful GP run after a long weekend and she nailed it until the tunnel she loves her tunnels.
The weather, just wonderful.  It couldn't make up it's mind, cold, wet, sunny, warm, breezy, and one gust of wind that took out a canopy.  But certainly agility weather.  The dogs loved it.

Great walks between runs.  Good friends and yummy lunches summed up our weekend.

I truly am tired today...but a good tired.

Sunday runs:

Pairs with Sizzle and Sue.  I flubbed the batton pass, but ended it just fine.

Gamble.  We need the Gambles.  Fin loves her tunnels.  A missed opportunity on Saturday, but we got Sunday.  Notice in the beginning she back jumps the second jump rather than wrap it?  That was the point that put us into 1st place!!!

Standard.  What a fun course for me and Fin.  I am especially proud of her tight turns.  We've been working on these and don't usually see them at the trials as she is high as a kite and I'm usually late.  But we got some good ones in this lovely standard course.


Diana said...

Well done!!! Congrats on all those "Q"s.

Trish said...

You looked Awesome in your Q's

Trish said...

You looked awesome in your Q's

Celeste said...

Yes! Lovely.

Cedarfield said...

Awesome Standard run!!

Cedarfield said...

Awesome Std run!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Q filled weekend! Great job on that Standard run!

Anonymous said...

Oops the anonymous was me...

Laurie S