Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So, I got a call from my credit card company asking me if I was enjoying my trip in Chenni, India....

Friday I was getting ready to leave and the credit card company calls.  "No, no I am not in India making charges at Electronic Stores and purchasing computers and software."  Ok, so now I have to cancel all my cards.  Done. 

Wait.  How do I pay for my hotel.  Go to the bank and get lots of cash...Then leave late for the show in Dixon.  Got there just in time to walk the courses, but not in time to put a hat on or put shoes on.  I am out there walking and can not believe how hot it is.  Later found out it was 97 (this is at 3:30pm).  Find out I'm 12th dog in, get my shoes on, get my hat on, run to the standard ring.  Wait, what was that course?  Figure it out, run the course and knock a frigin bar because I called while she was jumping.  Will I ever learn?

Why no. 

Next run was Jumpers and we got through it.  Mostly nice except for that late RC.  But I'll take it.  Even placed.  Nice way to end an evening.

Back the next day.  Got the fast, but stepped on the line.  Standard, a dropped bar, a barking dog telling me to handle better and a late RC resulted in a nq, but the jumpers was nice.  Just needed to hang out a bit at the end and not miss cue the RC and we would have made it!

Sunday held promise.  A most perfect Fast in the morning.  Didn't go for points.  Just went for a nice smooth course and Fin executed it beautifully.

Standard, not so much.  After the 3rd mistake in as many obstacles I thanked the Judge for his patience and headed out of the ring, Fin barking at me the entire time.  Here I am, every single time we run I tell her what a superstar dog she is, and now I screw up and she nags me the entire way out.  "Bite me!"  oh wait...she did.

Jumpers was easier than yesterday, but I felt I had to babysit the spreads and wasn't able to get up to serp and a knocked bar resulted.  Otherwise, not a bad run (a little wide turn on the final three and she went around second to last jump.  The little naughtypants!

This weekend a wedding and one day of USDAA on Sunday.  Can't wait.


Diana said...

Well Im glad you talked about your runs. Its good to know Im not the only one making mistakes. We had several runs this weekend that were a NQ for a knocked bar. We also stepped on the line in gamblers. LOL Your runs looked very nice.

Elf said...

Jeez, I hate that credit card thing. Takes forever to get things set up right again. Sorry you have to go through that.

Hope the wedding's enough fun to make it worth missing a whole day of agility. ;-)