Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Story that ends well...

A few weeks ago my sister called and said, "I'm ready."  "Eve is ready."  A year ago, she lost her 15 year old BC mix named Molly.  Such a sweet dog and a huge loss.

I contacted friends and we found a nice 8 year old cattle dog.  Trish and Eve were excited, went up met him and brought him home.  After just a few hours at home, both of them knew it was not a match.  They wanted to like him, but he really wasn't the right dog for them.

It was heart breaking.  I told them, not every dog is a match.  Take him back.  Someone will love him.  He is in a GREAT rescue and they will understand.  Trish was asking, "what is wrong with me, why isn't this feeling good?"

It is my belief that you should not have to live with an animal if you don't mesh with that animal.  We have these guys for so many years, why live with someone you don't really love and waste years wishing for something different.

Though lots of tears, guilt, and wondering if it was them, they took the little cattle dog back to the rescue.  The rescue people were wonderful and the little guy is still looking for that forever home but is in a good place (this rescue is one of the best).

In the meantime, they decided to take a break from looking.  Wait they said.  I'm like, "ok." 

My sister comes down Saturday for a "hang out by the pool" day.  I say, "Wanna run up the the shelter and see what they got?"  Off we went.  I felt a little guilty for going without Trish's wife, but not so much that I wanted to stay home.

Walked in at 11:15, and picked out a little dog immediately.  You see, at 11:00am that morning, shelter workers placed a little pug in one of the runs for adoption.  She had been picked up as a stray, spayed on Friday, and put in the kennel on Saturday morning.  She had not been placed on the web.  On either side of her were 80 pound bullie breeds jumping and barking.  She sat in the middle of her kennel on a small towel, looking scared out of her mind.

"Let's pull her out!"  I say ever the optimist.  Trish called Eve to give her an update.  Eve has that bad flu and didn't want to drive down, but said to go for it.  So we did.

So this little cutie is now living with my sister.  After spending just a few minutes with her, Trish started laughing and giggling.  Trish said, "This is the one, I never felt this way about him (the cattle dog).  I'm in love."  I was skeptical and kept asking questions.  The little pug was still scared, but seemed to come out of it the longer she was with us.  She seemed distracted, but then would run back and crawl into our laps wagging that curly q of a tail.  After a while, Trish says, "there is no doubt in my mind.  I want this dog."

As Trish left to go home with her sweetie, I tried to give her advice, "Ok, the next few days are really important.  Give her boundaries.  Don't allow too much freedom.  If you don't want her on the furniture, this is your chance."  Trish says, "she can sit in the chair, but I think the couch will be off limits."

A few hours later I called to see how it was going.  "She is sound asleep on the couch between us.  We love her."  Ahhh.  She has those two girls wrapped around her little piggywiggle of a tail! 

My work is done.


Diana said...

Thats so wonderful!! Yea!

Cedarfield said...

I love stories like that! I wish them many years of happiness together.

Kathy said...

OOOH that is sooo sweet! It sounds like this dog was meant to be! Those are the best ones, I firmly believe too that sometimes things fit and sometimes they dont and best for everyone involved to really find a situation/dog that really fits so everyone is happy.

Trish said...

She is a doll. She is going to be a great dog after a bit of Wag n train time!

But it seems even the Pugs Vici picks out can jump!

But even the cat approves!

Thank you!

Celeste said...

What a great story. ♥♥

Elf said...

How nice! Just shows that you never know exactly when the right one will come along.