Sunday, March 18, 2012

Working on retrieve

I never seem to be able to get past this first step.  Hold item in my hand for a duration.  I get a ton of mouth action, even some pushing and pulling.  Loads of growling and tail wagging.  But duration is not happening yet.

Fin with Spoon

Tazz with Spoon

Fin with Ball

Today we will have three sessions total.  These videos are from the first of the three.  Hoping for duration by third time.

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Kathy said...

OK really silly question but have you tried watching your videos in really slow motion, I can not see anything that should not be getting more duration, but it couldnt hurt to look and see if you can tell more what the dogs might be understanding. If there is nothing it could be fun to check out anyway ;-), you can tell how my mind works! LOL