Sunday, March 25, 2012


Had a fun time hanging with my buds at the AKC trial on Saturday.  Super duper lunch!  We all brought stuff and oh my, we are getting mighty good at this hot lunch on a cold day. 

Only one day for me made for a 2 hour drive in the morning (starting at 5am) and a 3 hours drive in the evening (home at 6:30pm).  I was very tired after a hot shower and sat in Kel's barkalounger with Tazz lounging on top of me.  Too tired to play words with friends but not too tired to watch endless loops of storage wars on AMC...or rather...snooze while storage wars played in the background.

My first run was jumpers.  Soooo much fun.  Fast and furriest.  Can you guess where it went wrong?  I know, I cover it well.  Too bad the judge was paying attention.  One little wrong end of the tunnel.  That judge.  She is not into creativity at all.

Second run was standard.  The theme for the weekend, "I LOVE tunnels!"  Can't help but laugh.  Perhaps I needed that threadle after all!

Good news.  Jumping like a superstar.  Taking those triples like she never was scared of them. 

I love my little fish fry.

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