Monday, March 25, 2013

Slip Sliding Away...

Criteria: a standard of judgment or criticism; a rule or principle for evaluating or testing something.

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, I let my criteria slip.  This slippage results in a misunderstanding between Fin and I what she is supposed to do.

This video is Aframes over a weekend trial.  I can now laugh, I wasn't laughing then.

How did it come to this between Fin and I?  We've had such amazing contacts.  We are always complimented on our contacts. 

The answer of course is slippage.  I get hyped up in a trial.  I get all about getting the job done.  Resulting in me not stopping and explaining to Fin that such behavior is not how we do things.  I justify it by saying, "As long as she hits the yellow, I'm ok."  Things move fast with Fin. I go in not thinking that contacts might be a problem and without a plan, let the behavior continue.

The result of this is a miscommunication between Fin and I.  She thinks that "at trials" she can go fast and doesn't have to stop.  She thinks in practice she can go fast and stop.  I have fallen into a trap that many people fall into.  Acting different at trials then I do in practice.

This blog is for funny stories, training antidotes, and also honesty.  The truth is I had to go back to November to find a 2o2o successfully done at a trial.  NOVEMBER!!!  That was 3 trials ago.  I have allowed her to run her contacts at trials for 3 trials.  No wonder I have no Aframe and the teeter and dogwalk are also suspect.

Next trial is in two weeks.  I have 4 days of classes to work on my A frame.  I will make good use of it.  Hopefully by day 4 I'll have my beautiful Aframe back.

In other news, despite our lack of criteria, Fin and I were able to get those last qualifications (Q's) we needed to get our Performance Dog Championship (PDCH).  We got a big ribbon and a beautiful Bar.


corbinwooten said...

How did you not lead with your terrific accomplishment? HUGE congrats on your PDCH! Did Fin get some steak?

And I know the slipping criteria all too well!

Elf said...

I've already said congratulations on the PDCH, but I'll say it again because that's quite a milestone!

Good luck on solidifying your slipping criteria.