Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Away

Fun times on the road!

Had a quick trip to Contact Point for USDAA agility.  Fin came away with a few Q's, but mostly she had a BLAST!  She was very happy and zoomed around the agility field. 

Weekend started out hot and with a late night arrival to the hotel the night before, both Laura and I were a bit tired.  But the shade of a huge tree, small trial that moved slowly, fun courses, and the company of good friends we had a fabulous time Saturday.  I enjoyed sitting in the shade and actually had some time to read a little. 

Fin ran fast and fun.  There was a lot of Fin barking at me (some of which was my fault...some was just Fin giving me hell). 

Olive enjoyed the trip, playing in the creek, chasing her bestest BC bud Piggie Smalls all around the creek and Orchard.  We got to see baby lambs, bunnies, beautiful butterflies, and some really fun agility.

I learned many things this weekend for future agility practice with Fin.  But what stands out the most is that I learned that my van is exactly 6'5 1/2" tall.  I learned that when a parking garage says the clearance is 6'6", that it is very possible that the parking garage has settled in places and perhaps the clearance is not actually 6'6".  In that case you have 2 women laughing hysterically and crying at the same time while trying to get out of said garage when the van has scrapped one of the beams.  Oh boy...that was one LONG drive inside that parking garage.  Laura yelling, "Keep driving!" and me driving so slow or not driving because of extreme fear.

Thanks to Laura, we have actual photo:

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Elf said...

I learned from actual experience that the thing to do in this case is to put MORE people into the van, not to let any actually get OUT of the van. Glad that the van still has a roof.