Saturday, February 23, 2013

Olives First Grown-up Dog Workshop

We worked on our boxes today.  Came home with much to work on.  But also came home with a very positive outlook on how we are progressing.  Her jumping really looks great.  She has deceleration and acceleration.  She does go around and come in off of jumps once in a while, but I believe that will fade as understanding of her job continues to build.

The drills were no more than 8 jumps and I often broke it down to 3-4 jumps.  If she got distracted I didn't make a big deal out of it, just picked her up and put her away and the next person went.  After a few, I'd bring her out again and she would be focused and eager to work...funny how that is :)

The video is only a few shorts of the drills we worked on, I have about an hour of video to keep me grounded and give me loads to practice.

Overall I am very excited.  Training is so frigg'n fun!!!

I had planned on staying for the afternoon, but the morning session wiped me out.  Came home coughing and wheezing and took a nap.  Feel much better now!

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Diana said...

Olive looks wonderful!!