Friday, February 1, 2013

Growing Old

I've got two oldies but goodies.  In 1999 I brought home two of the sweetest little shelties ever.
I should never have gotten two at the same time, but I was grieving the loss of my special dog Chester and that's how these things get started.
Today, 13.5 years later, I am still in love with my old dogs.  Everyday is a blessing to have them in my life.

Maddie, who used to have the most beautiful black coat, has problems with her hair (brittle, thin) so I cut it back.  With not a grey hair on her face (ok a few), she looks like a puppy most of the time.  Physically she is in pretty good shape, however she is deaf, has very bad teeth, and some days gets lost (a little dementia).  But on some days, she is bright and most happy and everyday will initiate a quick wrestle with Fin or Tazz.  I'll even catch her in a short zoomie which is ever so much fun.  She loves these warmer afternoons we've been having and will find the small ray of sunshine and claim it for herself. She is still my clicker master and loves doing tricks.  She never really wanted to do agility, however, she is a very loving and sweet dog.  Her favorite things have to do with food and scratches.  She also likes to be brushed (as long as there are cookies involved).  Some days I think Maddie will live forever!

Rocky gets the vote for most photogenic.  Just this week he is still rock'n the photos (thanks Trish).  The poor dog hasn't a good leg to stand on, between arthritis and elbow dysplasia he is sore most of the time.  He has fatty tumors, one the size of a football, but he is still game for a walk.  Albeit short walks, Rocks loves to explore.  We spend time in the afternoon sun just walking around the back yard.  When he is done, he heads to the deck and sits quietly.  He used to love to wrestle with his sister Maddie, but as he has aged, wrestling just isn't fun anymore.  His favorite thing is the orange ball, but I can't throw it for him anymore because of his bad I hide it and he gets to go find it.  Yeah!  this game is fun.

It is interesting having litter mates as some of the things that ail them are the same.  Rocks is more on the feeble side, could be because his is so large so his body is less forgiving than Maddies.

As I watch them get older, I see the special needs that they share.  They both need "individual" time with Mom each day (even if that is just 15 minutes).  They both still need exercise to keep fit.  They both provide me with such loyalty it makes me tear up to think about it.

Love my Mads and Rocks...just love them.

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corbinwooten said...

They are both beautiful. I love the picture of them as puppies, too.

I can't believe you brought two little ones home at once. Must have been a tough 8 or so months :)