Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun times in Turlock

Air was cool, sun was warm, ground was dirty, lunch with friends was yummy, dinner at 234 Bistro da' with dinner made me giggle.

Hotel was clean, parking lot was full, dogs were tired, walks at hotel were full of weird people smoking by the back door, walks with Laura's Hot Shot (aka, Piggie Smalls, aka: Moose) felt safer than walks with just Fin and Olive, breakfast at the hotel - not recommended.

Olive was cute, Fin was high as a kite.

We ran seven courses.  We Q'd in 2 (Snooker and jumpers).  We ALMOST Q'd in a few more on Sat. and had some nice runs.  Sunday was sorta a shock and awe day.  We actually only finished 1 of 3 courses.  2 courses ended in leaving connection.  Not sure what I could have done differently, but Fin and I were not reading the same agility book that day.  I was on slow and steady and she was on blastomatic take anything and everything, mom will eventually catch up.

Olive worked her sit stays, running straight, turning tight, beat up the BC's, catch the tennis ball before the BC's get it, down stays, sit up, and hang with the agility folks. 

Both dogs had a great time and slept soundly on the ride home Sunday.

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Diana said...

Sounds world wind. Sorry about Sunday. I think that is how it is with dogs. I hope next time is better.