Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Black Holes

I read somewhere that scientists are now able to view the black hole in the milky way.  It has been hidden from our visual view due to technology issues that have recently been resolved.  I'm really excited to find out what the Black Hole contains.  I'm thinking they are going to see all the agility training foundation work that I have not done with Olive!
Previously hidden from my view, the content of my black hole is now glaringly clear as I try to advance toward obstacle performance.

Two weeks ago I was on cloud 9 unaware of any black holes.  We had the last class in a session and Olive was a master of all of the behaviors we were working on.  I went home thinking, "I am da' bomb!  Olive is perfect!" "Yeah for me and Olive...we are superstars"...and so on.

Then I missed last week due to work, so I continued in my personal chant of perfection.

Last night, talk about getting back to earth.  Holey Moley.

Once again.  I'm am a victim of my own habits.  I train what is fun and what I do well at.  I forget to train the stuff that is frustrating.  Then when I do train it, I get it "just enough" then move on to the fun stuff. 

I'm not alone.  I know you do it too!

So this week is all about the plan.  Each day I'm going to work on stuff that is basic stuff.
  • Circle work
  • Recalls
  • Retrieve
  • It's your choice
  • Targeting (2o2o)
  • Running A frame (box)
  • In addition, I can't forget all the stuff that we were working on before:
    • jump work
    • tricks
    • release
    • etc...etc...etc...
Next week, Olive will once again rise to the top of the class (in my mind anyway).  I'm sure there are more black holes in my future.  One never is finished with this thing we call dog training.  But with more awareness and less ego, I'm ready for anything.

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Diana said...

I had to laugh. The other day I told someone my things to work on with Java is getting longer not shorter. That just seem wrong.