Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Creeping Crud has invaded my house....

So I've been sick.  Weird.  Been taking care of myself, feeling mighty good.  Saturday, got up early, went to the field, and practiced agility.  Left the field and did a little shopping and my favorite Target.  Home by noon.

In bed by 3.  I have never slept so much in my entire life.  My husband kept checking on me and I would croak at him to "Please" exercise Olive, potty Olive, play with Olive, just make Olive tired!!!

Tazz has been the BEST nurse, never leaving my side.  Rocky has been close by and sympethetic. Maddie wakes me up every morning at 6am sharp to feed her and again at 3pm even though I don't feed till 5pm. Fin is sorta in the Olive camp...get your butt out of bed and play with me!

I am hoping to wake up tomorrow with a new attitude and actually take a walk somewhere other then my back yard.

Staying home from a trial this weekend sucks, but there are more trials in my future and I look forward to one next weekend. 

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corbinwooten said...

Hope you feel better soon!