Saturday, January 26, 2013

Training Update

Olive is officially 11 months old.  She has lived here six months.  Wow.  Time has flown.  First four months were about just training her and learning about Jack Russel's.  Then sometime during that time, I decided she couldn't go back.  How could I live without little Olive in the house?

Everyday, Olive and I work on stuff.  Some days it is just silly stuff we've worked on hundreds of times, but at least 3 times a week I like to start something new.  Not every trick we work on will be polished and complete, sometimes we work on stuff just to have fun and will never be on cue.  Sometimes she does something adorable and I try and capture it and get her to repeat it.

For agility: Foundation continues, circle work, restrained recalls, retrieve...also this week I'm doing more jump work with her.  180's and 270's, pinwheels, and straight lines.  She is getting the "bang game down" and started a full teeter.  Her target is ok, need more work on that before we start to work the dogwalk and A frame.  Tunnels...we we aren't going to have any trouble there :)

In other training, we joined the Trkman Puppy tricks class.  The first lesson is about 4 feet in something, foot target, frog legs, and leave-it.  I also am continuing the clicker retrieve and last week started it in conjunction with jump excited!

Here are a few videos of stuff we are working on.  I apologize in advance for the barking shelties...they are not happy that it isn't their turn.