Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Day Marathon Drive

Drove down to Happy Dog for one day of their 2013 opener to the agility season (is there an agility season?  I think it is always agility season).  They put on a great show and the sun shone down upon us.  Chilled in the morning (a little slippery), but by mid morning sitting in the sun was wonderful.

Gamble was really hard.  I walked it thinking I'd work on my A-frame contact.  Even though I often feel that the gamble isn't something I can do, I always try.  Sometimes I am surprised.  I got a huge surprise when Fin did the gamble perfectly! 

The rest of the day was not so perfect, but Fin and I had a fabulous time.  Olive got to come out and play, go for walks, and work on her foundation work. 

We had planned on going to Cafe Firenze for dinner, but were done with agility by 3pm and decided to drive home instead of stay for the morning jumpers class.  Rain was expected and the trial committee was planning on starting late morning and Laura and I did not want to spend the entire day driving, so we popped into the car and headed out. 

Home late and grateful to be inside when the storm was coming over.

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corbinwooten said...

Wow congratulations, that gamble is hard!

And I am very envious of your outdoor, sunny trials. Here everything is covered in snow and it's very cold. No outdoor trials to be had!