Monday, January 14, 2013

Today we are sad.  Blogger is not allowing us to upload photos from our computer.  So sad.  We've sent notes to Blogger asking them to fix it.  We aren't too picky, Blogger is a free app and all, we just love our photos.

You will have to use your imagination.

Imagine me opening my back sliding door on a night with no moon.  The air outside is cold, below 30 I think.  As I open the sliding door, I turn on the light and a skunk runs up the gravel next to the inner fence to get out of the yard.  Before I can close the door again five dogs rush out the door barking and the skunk runs a little faster (sorta in a wobbly shuffling way). 

I think, thank goodness I have the inner fence up so the dogs can't chase. Then I remember.  I remember that Olive doesn't really consider this fence a barrier.  I remember that I've given up on trying to keep her in.  I remember she is a terrier.  I rush out in my pajamas with nothing on my feet.  Fortunately I believe that Olive did not actually see anything and doesn't realize that right now the skunk is making it's way under the fence (way too slow for my taste).  She has her ball in her mouth and is standing at the inner fence wagging her tail with her sheltie friends who are acting like a mass murderer is coming up the path towards them, barking and carrying on.

I see the look.  She spotted the damn skunk.  As I reach the gravel, she takes a flying leap.  I catch her in mid flight.

My husband, who has poked his head out the sliding glass door says, "Haven't I told you to close this door when you go outside?  You are letting the cold air in."  Little does he know the disaster that was just averted.  He doesn't even notice I'm standing on the cold gravel with nothing on my feet and Olive hanging from my arms, tennis ball still in her mouth, shelties at my feet still barking frantically.

A little help?  Nope...the sliding glass door closes.  Ahhh well.


Diana said...

Great catch!!!!!! Blogger isnt letting load. Pictuees unless I click on HTML and it takes longer to load. I sent them a notice, they never responded.

vici whisner said...

Wow! Thanks Diana, a great workaround. I appreciate it. I remember this happened a while ago, and then it magically worked again. Lasted a while but eventually was fixed.

Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers said...

Great save Such a wonderful image in my mind I kind of am glad there was no picture You are a great story teller