Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OMG - Olive is doing agility....

Granted, I have a tennis ball in my hand.  But still.  She is speedy and cute.  What more could a girl want.

Then we did the same course with more obstacles.  I need to work on her serps and weaves a bit, but overall she is doing great and making baby dog mistakes.  (Let's not talk about my mistakes, :) )

Love how on this one she comes out of the tunnel and shoot going all terrier on me looking for the ball.  Makes me smile.  But she comes back making some great tight turns and very mature decisions. 

We didn't do any contacts this morning at class.  She got sniffy (tells me she is tired of working).  That's ok.  Put her in her crate and let her be done. 

Last night we did work and got some good tugging and A frame work in.  I'm doing a running A frame (god help me) and using a box to get her striding in.  Much fun is being had by all.


Diana said...

Olive looks wonderful!!

Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers said...

Such a great team, you look like you are both having a good time , I am so proud of both of you

Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers said...
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