Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Fun

Had a fun time at the USDAA trial SMART put on this weekend.  Certain Challenges plagued me, but despite these challenges I really enjoyed the interesting courses our judges presented us.

Fin ran her little heart out.  So much so, that I had to scratch her from her last class on Sunday.  Three days of so many classes did her in.  She is still sleeping.  Bringing home the bacon in our usual exciting style, we came home with a number of Q's as well as FINALLY not E'ing in Master Challenge.  We  are one refusal away from Q'ing in these crazy hard courses. We didn't have a ton of dogs in our 12" perf classes so despite a few wide turns, having to lay down after leaping her contacts, and perhaps a little lacking in listening skills, we did fairly well, even bringing home some steeplechase winnings.

Olive had a great time enjoying life, getting groomed by her bestie Julie and Jeanine, hiking, playing at the practice jump, and enjoying sitting on my lap, laying in the sun, and basically being her special little self.

Best of all, this was a debut for some of Morgan Hill Dog Sports students!  It was so much fun watching them compete in Starters and doing so incredibly well.  I could have just sat and watched starters all day long!

Can't wait till the end of August and we do it all again!!!!

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