Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Fashion. There are these tall, thin individuals who walk around wearing expensive clothing with beautiful hair dos and makeup. Then there is me
Fashion. Amazingly groomed shelties with hairspray and white powdered coats that strut their stuff for the judges and are all about looks and gait. Then there is Fin.
Fashion faux pas. Me and Fin, we are just your average joes. Heck we probably clean up pretty good if we try, but we'd rather play in mud puddles than strut our stuff on the cat walk. As a matter of fact, take 5 people (one of them me) and have them pull weeds in the back yard for 10 minutes and the result will be 4 clean individuals with maybe a little crumb of dirt on their pants and me, covered in mud, dirt, and some slime that I slipped in. I just can't help myself, and my little girl seems to be just like me.
So the question arises. Why is it important for me to glue Fins ears? She is not a glamour girl and will not do conformation. I am amazed by the individuals who have told me that I "must" glue her ears for a "proper" sheltie ear set. These people have no appreciation for "Bat Girl!" Even my husband was like, "you've got to do something with those ears!" What's wrong with letting them do what they want.
I was inclined to glue her ears when I got her. I was very good about it. But the last time the glue wore out, she was so cute with her little bat ears that I just couldn't do it.
There are those that will critize me for my lack of conformity. The truth is, I think she is adorable just the way she is and have decided to go all natural! This doesn't mean that she will not learn proper grooming habits. She will learn to properly stand still so I can brush her and trim her nails.
BTW. between you and me, every day her ears are looking more and more "perfect." Despite my lack of attention, she is turning out pretty good :)

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