Friday, February 22, 2008

It's raining

Well I thought I had gone with a good insurance company. (Health). Here I sit with "tennis elbow" and yet, I don't play tennis...go figure. Doctor prescribes a drug for pain. Simple right? Go to the pharmacy, get the meds, see if they help. Nope.

The insurance company MUST APPROVE the drug. What this means is that even though the doctor who has had I don't know how many years of education has made the determination that I need something, the insurance company must review his notes to ensure that his decision is accurate and I truly need the meds. Who wants to be a doctor nowadays?

I believe it is a conspiracy by the insurance companies to make it difficult for doctors to prescribe meds that are expensive. The doctor is less inclined to give you the medicine he believes should work for you because he doesn't want the hassle. Insurance company makes money. Human being suffers.
I spend over $700 a month on insurance. I hardly EVER go to the doctor (unless a horse dumps me into a fence and I need emergency care, or I slip and fall and break my toe, or I think I'm having a heart attack, or I never play tennis but get tennis elbow - but other than that, I never go).

I think that they should take this into account and just approve me. In the meantime, I have tennis elbow. I can't work out on my upper body. I learned Wed night that I shouldn't grab a 90 pound lab by the collar (cause that really hurts), and picking up my tea reminds me that I have tennis elbow. Doctor says time will heal (isn't that what my mom said everytime my heart was broken as a kid). Time may heal, but for goodness sake, drugs sure help.

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