Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Sleep is an interesting thing. Where you sleep is somewhat important and adds to to satisfaction of the exercise.
I have a friend who makes things. She is incredible. She made me a bed for Fin. Fin had out gown her bed so I took it to Lisa and she said, "I can make this." Next thing I know, I have a brand new larger version of the bed for Fin...or so I thought.
First in the bed was Tazz. "This is my new bed." he says. I notice that he is never quite comfortable. He fidgets a little, stares at me but doesn't want to move.
After a while Tazz does move to his regular bed and then Rocky seeing an opportunity rushes to get in the bed. "This is MY bed," Rocky says and he trys to get some sleep, but he also
moves on preferring his own bed over this new one.
Next to try it out is Maddie. She says, "If you don't mind I'd like to try out the bed now." She crawls in flops down and trys it out.
She seems comfortable, but never falls asleep, she leaves the bed only a few minutes after getting in preferring her little area that I made just for her.
Finally, Fin comes and checks it out. She says, "Does anyone want this bed?" Everyone looks board and she gently steps into the bed. As she lay down, I could just hear her say, "Ahhhhhhh, This is just perfect."
Sometimes ya just know when something was made for you!

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