Monday, February 25, 2008

Mud - Too Much of a Good Thing

Well it rained over the weekend; I can almost see the trees grinning.
So yesterday I notice that the pool is getting a little full (after I pulled the lawn chair and the cushion out of the pool. So I do my non-techy solution of sticking a hose in the pool and sucking the other end so the water runs out. I said, "Now Vici, don't forget to pull the hose out before you go to bed." Did I? Nooooooo! Pool is down over 12 inches. ... too much of a good thing.
Finny and Maddie wanted outside so I let them out. I checked on them after about 10 minutes and they were wrestling on the deck (so cute). I let them in after about 20 minutes and failed to notice (because they are black) that they were COVERED in mud. Evidently after the wrestle they went out into the mud and did a little digging. Too much of a good thing.
The Oscars - too much of a good thing.
Reality TV - Bruno vs Carrie Ann - not a good thing...just plain BADDDD.

Ok, so rain is great, rain is good, april showers and all that. But why does it have to rain only on the weekend! WAY too much of a good thing.

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