Monday, August 9, 2010

Reactive Rover

Got to meet Kim Moeller Sunday as a participant in a seminar on reactivity in dogs, specifically leash reactivity.

Many of you know that I have had my own learning experiences with reactivity and agression with my dogs.

I am a handler that has had the dog that:

  • everyone has to be careful of
  • lunges and barks at other dogs
  • results in people looking at me like I have a terrible contagious disease
  • causes me stress when I think about taking him for a walk
  • teaches my other dogs to be reactive
  • makes me feel like a failure
  • is so cute and adorable and people don't listen when I say, "No! no back up and go away!"
  • causes me to yell at people who say to me, "don't worry, my dog is friendly"
  • I adore
I have heard good things about Kim and wanted to meet her and see what she had to say. I gave up a UKI trial for this, so I had high expectations. I will tell you that my final assessment was that it was worth giving up my agility trial to listen to her speak.

Much of what was covered is in her book, but she also provided video and live demo that I thought was very helpful. This lecture was geared toward training professionals who want to use these tools in their own businesses. Because of the audience, there was much information geared toward teaching classes and privates (not what I was interested in necessarily), but I found the information to be very straight forward and easy to understand.

My plan is to work with Tazzie using the methods I learned. I already have alot of what is needed, I think consistency is one of the areas that I have let Tazz down.

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Elf said...

I haven't read this particular book but maybe should. Most of the cures or training for this type of issue involve having a pocket full of dog treats wherever you go for the rest of your life. I can usually get very good reactions from Tika when I'm doing that, but I don't always remember to take the treats and then it melts down very quickly. Is this one any different?