Friday, August 6, 2010

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

When I got to powerpaws today, all the stripping was over. That will teach me to get there on time. Instead, I was part of the rubber crew. My two agility clubs have a couple big shows coming up. A few people got the great idea to rubberize all the contacts before the two shows. It is a big job. A few ladies did our tables and we used them at the last trial. The tables are so nice!
One can get a little chemical induced feeling of giddiness when working with the rubberizing chemicals. It is best to have some sort of filter. I didn't. I can still smell the rubber cement.

We had a couple tables to do. These went really smoothly.

There are also other chemicals that are involved. Notice the rubber gloves.

At the rubberizing plant, we had two dog walk planks to do today. One we did was very successful, one was not.

The rubber factory, thank goodness, is open air so that the neighbors can also enjoy the aroma of rubber.
Some people have infinity pools. Here at the rubber plant we have infinity dog walks.

Just another day at the plant. This photo is before it all went bad. It is sad when the rubber cement eats through the paint in the dog walk plant and then lifts away from the dog walk plant. Very sad indeed. Fortunately for me, I had an appointment and had to go. Unfortunately for others, they had to figure out what to do.


Diana said...

Wow , thats not good. Let us know what happend with eating thur the dogwalk. Diana

Trish said...


Elf said...

"Dog walk plant"--heh--funny typo twice! I can almost smell the rubber cement, and I'm just looking at your photos and reading your description!