Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Game

Sometimes it feels like I'm on a board game.

You get to pick your playing piece, for me it has been "the sheltie".  For others it is the border collie, or maybe the rescue mix.  I think my husband would choose the mailman, I bet my friends husband would choose the dog bone.... I don't know who would choose the fire hydrant.

Roll a 4 and you get to skip ahead -you got the puppy of your dreams.  Roll a two, puppy is reactive, go back to start and do some obedience.  What ever the play, it can be the time of your life.

Right now, I'm in a holding pattern.  Not only did I land on the hospital square (still healing with a broken toe), but we are still in recover with Fin's injury.   Needless to say, even though we might have to skip a turn, we are still having fun doing small things and watching others get ahead in the game. 

Speaking about others, I've got some pretty terrific friends.  These friends take time out of their busy day to help me practice with my dogs!   Laurie ran the Tazzman and Laura ran Fin today.  It was fun creating strategies and deciding how we would run the large dog team jumpers course that ate up team after team.  Of course "my imaginary run" was perfect.  Real stuff, everyone did well (maybe not clean...) but we did well.  Tazz looked so good running for Laurie.  He is a true treat follower that one.  Fin actually did exceptionally well today, no hesitancy and had some stunning weaves.

Soon I hope to roll a big number and move ahead..but only time will tell.

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Trish said...

I looks like a blankie to me?!!!