Monday, September 27, 2010

The making of a puppy

Maddie is my sweet girl.  She came to live with us November 1999 and has been a light in our lives since the day she came.  She also has out of control coat.  I always tell people, grooming is not that hard, but that is really for all the dogs except Maddie.  If I don't brush Maddie every couple of days her coat gets matted and oily. 
Friday morning I go to the back area with all the dogs to pick veggies.  I returned to the kitchen washing up the veggies and innocent of what was about to run through the family room door.  Evidently, Maddie found a sappy area in the back and after getting sap all over, rolled in dried leaves and sticks.  She looked like something out of a fairy tale.  I tried, but the only thing I could do was cut the stuff out. 

After a bath, I continued trimming trying to even out everything. 

 Maddie actually seems really happy with the new dew.
 It is still a little rough, but look at that slender figure that was hidden under all that hair.
Fin wants nothing to do with the scissors or clippers. 
 Tazz says, bring it on!  I love my puppy cut.
Rocky says, "please mom, just stop already!"


Trish said...

she looks much better than when I saw her. She loves her new look. She's my stealth like to get the squirrels

Diana said...

She looks so cute. You did a great job. Diana

vici whisner said...

@trish...I think she looks better in the photos than in person, but seriously she seems so happy not to carry all that hair around.

Trish said...

Is rocky next?

Priscilla said...

Hi! I think I may have just found a new sheltie blog! Your dogs are very pretty :)

vici whisner said...

@Priscilla, I visited your blog and you've got a beauty too! :)Vici