Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Death of a Beloved Toy

Mr. Toy was beloved by one and all.  Adopted by us through an out of state adoption syndicate (brought home on a plane by Auntie Trish), Mr. Toy arrived in pristine condition, but soon started to show a little wear.  He seemed happy and fit into the household well.

Mr. Toy was a good babysitter and enjoyed being carried around upside down.
Mr. Toy showed his love by playing with the older kids as well as the young pups.
He was tollerant of the rough play and seemed to take everything in stride...until one day....
Things seemed to take a turn for the worse.  I'm not sure if it is something he said, or just a case of jealously.  We may never know.
Fin says she tried to warn me, but I did not realize the horrendous thing that was taking place.
Right under my nose, Mr. Toy lost his stuffing and is no more.


Trish said...

That's so, so SAD!!!!

Mr. Toy was in an adoption bin with many of his relative toys... maybe we will adopt another one for you!

Joan said...

A toy named "Mr". LOL. Hogan (our 2nd Sheltie) had a favorite toy we called "Mr. PokaDot" Looked just like Sully from the Pixar movie Monsters. He loved that toy so much. I still have it though it's terribly worn out.