Monday, September 6, 2010

A Fun USDAA Weekend

Big regionals this weekend. Friday was setup and I was in charge of vendors. We had some really amazing vendors this weekend and I made up a nice "avenue of vendors" for the entrance to our trial. I was there about 5 hours on Friday and unfortunately over did it a little.

Went back on Sat, but only stayed for a couple hours as I needed to get the "broken toe" in the air rather than on the ground.

Sunday and Monday Fin was entered and Laura ran her. Sunday, some nice runs, but small mistakes in each run kept her from Q'ing. I felt that each run she seemed to be getting more confident.

Today (monday) Fin seemed to be running alot more confident. In Snooker blind crossed Laura to an off course ended her run early, but she made up for it in Jumpers and Standard. I think her jumping is looking alot better and she seems much more confident.

These runs give me hope for our future. We've got a couple more USDAA trials this month, I will keep her at 12 inch performance and see how she improves each trial.

Fin ended her day with a massage and a nap. Now she is sound asleep on the stairs (one of her favorite places).

Thanks to Laura Pryse who ran her for me. And thanks to all my great friends for all the help this weekend. Seriously good times! (except for the Wasp incident...that, not so much fun...thinking of you both Laurie and Susan!)

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Trish said...

It was great to spend time with you and Laura and of course all the pups!