Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Weekend, Another update

For some reason, my blog is not allowing me to upload a video today.  Maybe later.

So for today, a boring update with no pictures, whether moving or still.

We had some ups and downs this weekend. 

Ups:  Fin brought home the bacon, Q'ing day one steeplechase and winning day two steeplechase, winning a wopping $17!!!! yipppeee.

Downs:  I think she was a little tired on Sunday, then had a weird slip in Standard (second class), and seemed just a little off.  Wasn't lame, just wasn't herself.  We called it a day and went for a massage (her not me).

Overall, I think she is running well at 12.  She still avoids spreads (for one of her standard runs, instead of taking the spread out, they just put one bar on it...she went around that one), and she had some trouble with the teeter in the master's ring.

Overall, a positive outcome.  Going to keep her at 12 for now.  Best to go slow.


Trish said...

Its about time that girl brought home some bacon!!!

mmmm Baaacccoooonnnn

team small dog said...

I'm glad Fin is doing better although I'm sorry you have varmits. I found my husband to be the most effective killer of rats a long time ago, better than any of the dogs or cats. And we have a terrier. I know it involved traps. He can get VERY obsessed with projects until they reach completion and this seemed to be helpful. Can you somehow convince your husband into thinking this is a fun and worthwhile project? That is my best rat killing advice.

A lot of my misery with Otterpop has gone by the wayside by moving her to performance. Her injury is in her hind leg, and while different than Fin's, that spread jump at her normal jump height was just a major bummer for her. She is like a whole new dog at a lower height without spreads. So maybe time will tell with Fin, and then eventually she goes back, or she just enjoys life at a lower height.