Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Update

We had a fun time at the Nunes Agility Field in Turlock this weekend.

Temps got in the high 90's on Saturday, but under the shade was comfortable. We tried hard to enjoy the heat and not complain as we know we don't have too many of these wonderful warm days left.

My toe is still healing, but I'm getting around much better. Laura ran Fin and will run her for the next couple trials. It is good for Fin and good for me.

These are her runs from Sunday. I felt really good about her jumping and mostly she had good structure and function. I did find an early take off from her Jumpers run. It was the second jump in the 4 jump leadout. I included it in the clip above in slow motion. It isn't terrible, but certainly she took 3 strides and jumped a bit early.

Standard was nice and I found no problems (except if you want to talk about the A frame and teeter ... always something to work on!).

Although we missed going to our favorite resturant, we loved being home on Saturday evening and spending time with our husbands.

Next weekend is a "overnighter" up in Woodland. Can't wait.

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