Thursday, September 9, 2010

Broken Toe Exercises

Just because I can't run doesn't mean that Fin gets to sit on her laurels. I'm keeping her busy. I am limited and am not moving too fast these days, but taking the opportunity to work on stuff that is movement independent.

We have some basic Salo Grids we are working on, in addition we start this week on adding the tunnel. These first four set ups start with easy and move to more difficult.
  • 5 jumps should be set for your dog (fin is 5', my friend BC is 6')
  • 5 jumps should be set at 4" or 8". DO NOT RAISE THESE JUMPS.
  • single jump sitting out there can go up or down
  • Start with the first sequence of heading toward the tunnel. Do not progress until dog is nice and even in the 5 jumps to the tunnel. Once dog is working nicely running toward the tunnel, move on to the next sequence of them running from the tunnel to the five jumps
  • To mix it up, make the jumps at angles.
  • Use your toy or food target.
I'm also working on weave entrance and distance from the teeter. The numbers represent my standing position. I'm not able to run, but I can hobble a little so I do show some movement. I have on friend who sits on her chair drinking wine doing something similar to this. Her dog has total understanding of weave entries.
Lead out pivots is also on my agenda. A simple one is below. I'm working on this then moving the jumps to make it more difficult...working both sides.

If you guys have some good lead out pivots you've seen recently, send them along to me!


Anonymous said...

Wine and Weave poles, I think I'll work on that drill this weekend.

Keep up the good work, you and Fin will be back in Championship form before you know it.


Marie said...

Looks like lots of fun. We'll have to set these up next and try them out.