Friday, September 24, 2010

The Professionals are On The Job

I'm not sure who is more professional.  The rat that is getting fat from all the peanut butter or the rat guy who has set all the traps.

I am relieved that the professional has determined my rat problem is not significant.  He can't really find much in the attic so most all of the problem is in the garage (and probably was due to the bag of dog food).

He still set stuff out and we'll see if we catch the bugger (there is still at least one rat there).

On other note.  Maddie got into something in the garden and came up to the house covered in a sticky mess (probably tree sap).  I've been spending the last couple of days trying to make her presentable.  Although I've had some successes with trimming Tazz up, I would consider the Maddie trim a big fail.  Poor Maddie.

Photos will follow (we all need a little hilarity in our lives), but I will probably get tossed from the sheltie owning club forever after this disaster.

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