Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So much to catch up on....

Been busy with work.  Lots of work.  This is good.  Brings in the cash allowing me to go to dog shows. 

Bayteam had their annual December show in Santa Rosa.  I only went Saturday as I had a family thang on Sunday.  There was good and bad, but mostly a ton of fun.  It is hard not to smile when your dog is super speedy and happy to be running.

A few highlights:
  • weaves.  just amazing.  only one missed entry and no pop-outs
  • jumping.  lovely.  not problem on the spreads. 
  • tunnels.  Ahhh the tunnel love.
  • dog walk.  fast and nice contacts
  • startlines.  brilliant.
  • table.  pretty darn good.
  • spreads. what?  did we have a problem with spreads? no way.  spreads were "perfect".
A few training opportunities
  • aframe.  What is with the running off the board and lying down.  5 aframes, only one 2o2o.  training opportunity
  • teeter.  both dogs did not feel the teeter love this weekend. training opportunity
  • tight turns.  combination of go go go and handler late or not in the right place. training opportunity
  • going wide. flanking. training opportunity (interesting there was no going around spreads, but a couple singles and the teeter - perhaps a little avoidance, but mostly flanking). training opportunity
Tazzman was also feeling groovy and after 5 years of trialing gave his mom his second ever master gamble Q.  Always a jester, he kept us guessing till the end on whether he'd get it...but he did.  Super job my psychotic love bug!

All in all a very fun day.  Usually this venue is frigidly cold.  It was a balmy 60 something and truly beautiful sunset as we waited for our jumpers course.

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Elf said...

Congratulations on getting that gamblers Q! And on the other successes. And on identifying specific training opportunities. Heh.