Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Winter has Arrived...California Style

"Hey, let me in.  Too wet outside!"
"But mama, I don't like the wind.  Please don't make me be outside.  Don't like, don't like, don't like."
Dead umbrella.

Woke up to a huge storm.  Very windy here.  Pool was below the fill point yesterday and I knew it was going to rain so left it alone.  We'll have to drain it today.  While standing on the deck watching the trees in the back rip back and forth, I said to Kel, "Maybe we should close the umbrel......oh no."  The wind picked up the umbrella, it was airborn for a wisp of a second, then SMASH and crack.  We also heard trees cracking (probably our neighbors eucalyptus), we'll walk to the back later and see if there is any damage.

"Bring it on!  I love me a good storm.."


Elf said...

That sounds like what happened to my canopy a few years back. "Wind's picking up," I said; "I should go stake it do....." oops.

Trish said...

Well atleast this one is not followed by ash falling from the sky or your skylight flying off!

Can't wait to see you Friday!