Friday, August 19, 2011

Kippiee Kedar Comes to Whizland

Kippiee the Pug.  Found at a shelter, provided a home by my sister, and loved by my sister and her wife.  A very lucky little dog.

 A fine upstanding citizen, whom my dogs seem to like.
 Who wouldn't like that sad little face!  Oh did I mention she snores.  Really loud!
 Kippie had no trouble with standing guard with Maddie while the boyz rested.  Fin doesn't stand guard, her talents lie elsewhere.
 She hung out by the pool and learned really quick to go around it rather than through it.
 She's got that look of, "Is it dinner time yet" down pack.  Just want to give her hugs upon hugs.
 Was trying to capture behavior earlier in the day.  All I did here was capture it with the camera.  But I'd love to get this little number on cue.
Tazzies little shadow.  And weirdly enough, Tazz doesn't seem to mind her at all.

A wonderful visit that isn't over yet.  Hope she gets to visit often.  She is a doll.

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Diana said...

She is very cute. I'm so glad it worked out.