Monday, August 29, 2011

ADCH Himark's Holy Mackerel!

How many hours of work go in to making an agility dog champion?  It is different for each team.  So many people I spoke with this weekend told me they only needed one Super Q, or 4 jumpers, or 2 standard.

Me and Fin, we needed 2 Gamble and 1 jumpers.  With two days of gamble and jumpers, being at my favorite park, and competing with my club, I was thrilled that I got those last three Q's to allow me and my dog Fin to stand up there with the other Champions of the world.

The first gamble on Saturday was thrilling.  First off, Fin and I suck at gamble.  But on paper, the gamble looked like something we could do.  Then I started watching the dogs curl off of the last jumps.  I figured, all I could do is try.  And we did it!

Later that day we walked the jumpers.  Yikes it was a hard course, but looked fun.  It was not to be.  Going home Saturday, I knew I had the opportunity on Sunday to Q in both Gamble and Jumpers, but realized that I also had the trial on Labor day.  I promised myself that I would enjoy my moments rather than focus on my faults.  Not worry about the Q's but worry about doing a good job.

Well, Sundays Gamble was a tunnel A frame discrimination with a push to the jump.  Despite having her fail to do the A frame in the opening when asked, she did the A frame in the closing AND pushed out to that jump!  OMG!  I was so excited.  Then my stomach started to hurt.  All I needed was one jumpers.

The jumpers course was eating dogs alive.  But somehow, someway, despite nearly falling down, at one point forgetting the course and sending her to the right instead of the left, feeling the anxiety of my friends standing around watching, Fin and I got through it and we got our stick!!!!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  You know who you are, I thank you.


Elf said...

That was a tough Jumpers course to Q on. You did amazingly well, to get all 3 Qs that you needed in one weekend. I understand about the stomach hurting, been there, but you still held it together anyway! Congratulations.

Diana said...

WhooHoo!!!! Congrats! You guys were fantastic!

Cedarfield said...


Kathy said...

THAT IS SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you and wow, it could not have happened to a better team!!! You guys are so awesome-CONGRATS!!!!!