Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seems only the hard ones are the easy ones for me and my team....

Did a couple days of USDAA this weekend.  Didn't run in everything.  Did Q in Jumpers.  Another jumpers where people were E'ing like crazy. 

Had to babysit 3-4 which put me in a bad place for 5-6.  A miracle occurred and Fin called off the tunnel.  The rest was just me catching up.

Now that Fin and I are Q'ing more consistently, I am looking for how to save time.  How to cut out the fat, remove the extra, get lean and mean. 

Often I get compliments on how Fin checks in with me.  Every time Fin looks at me, it is tells me two things:
1.  I'm outta position and she doesn't know where she is going.
2.  We are wasting time.

When I have to call her off of things, multiple seconds tick by.

I can not tell you the joy I feel that I'm focusing on how to get to my position and shave off seconds rather than, why is Fin avoiding jumps.  Yippiee for us!

Now back to my treadmill.  I think that is about 3/4's of our problem.

PS: Did ya notice what a nice turn I got between 1,2, and 3 :) we've been working on that and it was so much fun to put it into practice and see my little girl turn so nice and tight.  Now for those rear crosses, lots more work there...


Diana said...

Well done!!! That turn was beautiful!!

Elf said...

Fin's really moving! Nice work.

Kathy said...

all right, it has to be a lot of fun to work on some more technical things and have the baby stuff all under control ;-)