Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Hair of the Dog

Monday morning.  Fin runs into my office.  I hear her coming down the hall and turn my chair towards her and she takes a flying leap into my lap and starts shaking her head violently.  I rub her head, scratch to see if I can take her mind off of it.  Still head shaking.  Ahh well.  Call the vet and get an appointment for 3:40.

During the day, lots of shaking going on. Much looking like there is a knife sticking out of her skull.

3pm rolls around.  Not much head shaking.  A little ear bent to the side...but off to the vet we go.  Vet finds nothing. Back home.  Back to work in my office.

About 7pm I get Fin standing with her feet on my desk whining.  One ear up, one ear totally crooked with a slight head tilt looking pitiful.  Oh goodness.  Can you tell I'm working a lot this week.  Very much over whelmed with work.  No time for shaking heads.

Next morning after a night of much head shaking, sneezing, and less sleep than needed, I take her to my backyard to see if I could take her mind off of it and jump her over a few jumps.  She falls over turning to the right.  Seriously.  Are you kidding me!

Head back to the vet.  Leave her there (I HATE doing this).

Vet calls not 90 minutes later.  She found something.  "Hurrah! what was it?" I say.  Vet says, "She had a small hare in her ear canal."  I'm like, "What, like a small rodent?"  She laughed, "No a small hair, like an eye lash."

I'm speechless.  I ask, "Does one normally get dogs falling over with a hair in their canal?"  "Oh, no, but she might just be sensitive."  I guess so.  Home from the vet now 24 hour later.  Not a sign of a head shake, a sore ear, nothing.  Jumps like normal.  Goes in to my folder of the weird and unusual.

I guess we are on for an AKC this weekend.


Diana said...

Lol, yea I can see that. We've had the can't stop shaking the head thing too.

Kathy said...

OH wow, a hair caused that much commotion, well you know you are not going to get any fox tails stuck in there and not know it-can you imagine the head shaking that would cause? Glad the nasty hair is taken care of though, that must have been really irritating for all that head shaking.

Elf said...

Love your illustrations!