Monday, September 26, 2011

Much time in the car allows for reflection...

Had much fun this weekend at the AKC.  Some friends got the last double Q's needed for AKC nationals and it was very exciting cheering them on.

Fin and I ran hard and fast.  Unfortunately, my nerves got the best of me on some of the runs and Fin was popping out of her weaves when I tried my distance stuff, between the two of us no Q's.  But gosh almighty, Fin ran fast!  So much fun.  A few times she was barking at me telling me to get a move on and get outta her way :)

Sunday ended with a clean run in Standard.  I knew it was one that we could do.  Learned a lesson by almost pushing her off the teeter, "Do what you plan! Don't chicken out."  

Coming home from this trial, I ask myself why I do so much better at USDAA than AKC.  The only thing I can come up with is that I put pressure on myself to get the Q's for the Nationals in Reno.  At this point, it is too little too late.  So I am going to Reno and be the best Fan I can be.  Can't say I'm a little disappointed in myself, but never in Fin.  She is a shining star and life is too short to worry about silly little things like Q's. 

Coming up for us is an entire weekend at home.  I'm not quite sure what I'll do with myself.  Maybe, perhaps, clean my house?  Imagine that. 

Thanks Laurie for hanging out with me and videoing all my runs.


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Cedarfield said...

I have the same problem with getting psyched out by those QQs in AKC. I do the same thing in the 2nd round of Steeplechase and in GP, also. Right now I'm taking Daisy Peel's online Mental Management and Goal Setting class and I hope it will help me get past that brain freeze thing that happens to me with some regularity.

Celeste said...

Congratulations on your Q! sorry I missed seeing you after the walk-thru.
Riff just wanted to play in the field. Fun!
Hey, I've been thinking about being a Fan in Reno, too. I'm tired of watching championship runs on video, and having to yell "Woohoo" all by myself...

Kathy said...

If we could all get this whole mental game part totally under control we could rule the world! Hope you really dont end up cleaning this weekend, LOL, that sounds HARD! Great run and congrats!

Elf said...

The last time I went to USDAA nationals, I wasn't going to go--too expensive, too little hope of really doing well, too much time off work, plus Boost hadn't Qed in Team all year and I was tired of not earning a bye into the GP semifinals with Tika. But someone really wanted me to drive with her, so at the labor day trial (last chance for team or GP bye), I said, ok, if either tika earns the bye or boost Qs in team, I'll think about going. But I didn't really want to go. So you know what happened--Tika got the bye AND boost Qed in team. So, yeah, dang mental game. (Oh, and I did go, and we didn't do really well, but I did have a good time even though I got pretty sick. Heh.)