Monday, October 3, 2011

For a weekend I was home doing nothing...I sure got a lot of driving in...

Guess what I did this weekend?  Imagine my amazement when the trial secretary told me that I could still get into the show?  Off Laura and I went to Leon Equestrian Center in South East Sacramento area.  What a wonderful facility.  The footing was like running on clouds.  Now I know how an expensive hunter jumper horse feels like.  Oh and those horses are beautiful!!!  They are growing them bigger then ever.  Just amazing to watching the riders jumping these beasts.   Very beautiful.

So how'd we do?  Well no Q's, but I felt my handling was top notch.  I decided going in that my focus was on running the best courses that I could run. Here were my criteria:
  • Run the course I walk - check
  • Run with confidence - check
  • Get to position and FC as much as possible - check
  • Don't loose it when mistakes happen - check
  • Have fun - check check check
Despite Fin popping her weaves, I felt that my jumpers runs were brilliant.  My standards were so very close.  So very.  Day two was perfection except for that long sprint to the tunnel and me being too far behind to send her to the weaves so she did the tunnel twice. But Day one, I'll just say two words.  Running contacts.  So we got a few refusals because I was not letting her get away with that naughty action.

I really had a heck of a good time.  This week we are doing a few weave drills, hiking, and heading up for some USDAA action on the weekend.  A surprize performance from little Tazzie this weekend.  He'll be trying out some Standard and Gambler courses.  Most of all, he'll be trying out walking around and not acting like an idiot!

Hope you are having as much fun with your dogs as I am with mine.

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