Saturday, October 15, 2011

USDAA Summary

This weekend we have a weekend off.  Well sorta. I am dog sitting for my buddy while she is off enjoying life without a dog. 

Last weekend did a quick USDAA with Fin and Tazz.  Tazz did everything right...just at Tazzie power which doesn't seem to be part of the USDAA program.  Some runs we were as much as 6 seconds over, but in others, .10 seconds over. 

Overall the courses were tough and it seemed that the times were tight.  I actually really enjoyed the challenges.  Fin was amazing but only one Q for the weekend.  I really felt that we connected well this weekend.  Minor little things here and there is all. 

As we head into November, we are looking at a lighter and lighter schedule.  I'm going to take a real break from agility over Christmas.  We'll train only once or twice a week and we'll have 5-6 weeks free of competition.  I have a bunch of friends going to the AKC over New Years, but I doubt I'll go.  I think instead we'll spend our time hiking, playing fetch, and learning new tricks. 

Maddie and Rocky will be thrilled to have their mom home on the weekends!

Thanks to Lisa Williams for the great photo of Fin! 

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Trish said...

OMG I actually may see my sister? Maybe even ummm.... visit! Woot, You got an obnoxious pug to bring into line lady! Let us know when we can drop her off!