Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Theme: Run hard, run fast, run the course you walked, take some chances!

The weekend was a great success.  One Standard and one jumpers to show for it, and fun, fun, fun!

The goal was to run the courses I walked and let Fin take care of her parts.  Out of all the runs, there really was only one that I felt I let Fin down.  Every other run I felt I kept my eye on my dog and worked hard to be were I needed to be. 

There were a few go arounds, a couple dropped bars, and one popped weave.  For contacts, Fin was perfect.  We even got some nice downs on the table.

Every day, Fin was on fire and only came out of the weaves the one time to try to nip my heel.  I believe she was saying, "Mama, you do not need to be so close to the weaves, get some distance girl and show me where I'm going."  All I saw was her popping the weaves, mouth open, teeth showing, and tongue hanging out coming for me so I stopped and had her sit as quick as I could to save my nice jogging pants.

Overall, I am not disappointed.  Fin and I are a team.  We might still need more work on all the details, but from a big picture Life is Good!

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Trish said...

Where's the pug pics? Or the border collie hanging off your arm?