Monday, October 31, 2011

Fun times at camp

PowerPaws camp was fun.  I might even say I learned a few things.  We had 3 full days with 6 instructors.  Two instructors each day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.  Hanging out with my good buddies was one of the best parts.

 Camp life is what you'd expect.  Canopies everywhere.  The days started out cool and mid day were a tad bit hot.  We kept ourselves and the dogs hydrated and put sunscreen on frequently.
 Our canopy seems to be one of the taller ones.  We camped with our good buddies all around us and as usual had all the elements of a good agility camp.
 Lectures were minimal.  Mostly we were on our feet walking, analyzing, and then running some really creative courses that tested our techniques.  Every single instructor gave me feedback that I can use to improve my skills with my dogs.
 Some instructors used white boards to help explain the techniques, but the focus was on practice and I loved it.
 Each instructor spent time with each individual.  We all learned from what was said.
 Although the days did start a little chilly, sweat shirts were replaced with light T shirts by 11am and we really didn't need anything until late in the evenings.
 Rewards were stressed.  Don't forget those startline stays!
 We all had questions.
 Even the dogs.
 Fin wanted to show the people pottie area. 
 And where the people got lunch.
Every day Fin got a massage by Linda.  She is starting to really love her massages.  I tried laying down next to Fin to see if I could get a massage.  Linda didn't fall for it, and I did not get my massage.

 Monkey had loads of fun and enjoyed practicing her contacts.
 Fireball got to play too. 
 Monkey showing off her mad tugging the Frisbee skills.
Fin showing what she did best after 3 days of hard work.

Over all, the instruction was amazing, food was good, people were tremendous, and in the evenings sharing a meal and wine with good friends was priceless!


Kathy said...

Glad you had a good time, it looks like it was great!!!!

Trish said...

Where's the pictures of you and Fabio? Where did you sleep?

Anonymous said...

Vici's sleeping with Fabio?! Where was I??

Laura Pryse