Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some things worked, some things didn't, some things I can't remember

The startline stays that Fin had this weekend, rocked the house.  For the most part, her weaves were great, but her weave entrances were amazing.  She hit some weave entrances that more seasoned dogs had trouble with. 

 Contacts rocked.  Sometimes flying over the apex of the frame caused momentum that pushed her off the end of the A, but she stopped on every single one.  Teeter was fantastic, even with a teeter that sucked.

Rear crosses were nice, even when I was so late, the train left without me!  I did no serpentines, but her threadles off the tunnels were great.

What didn't go so right:

Crashing the triple.  Gosh how I hate when she does that.  Weak areas continue to be jumps after weaves (crashed and go arounds). 

Aframe/tunnel discrimination.  Why does this make me shake in my boots!  I will get better, I will be better, I will have confidence.....

Overall, couldn't have a more fun time then I'm having right now.


Mary said...

You really make me smile Vici. And I love your drawings. You should design t-shirts! Seriously!

Elf said...

Well, your dog sure looks happy in those photos! Your mind's camera does a nice job of printing them onto paper. :-)