Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Foot work is incredibly important.  Think about walking down the hall in the morning. If you do not put one foot in front of the other, point your feet in the direction you want to go, and keep a consistent pace towards your destination you many never get to the kitchen for that all important cup of Java (or hair of the dog...just saying).

I find that footwork is really important when I go to dinner with my friends.  Just getting to the bathroom and back can be an adventure and all I have to worry about is myself.  If I take a little detour, no one needs to be the wiser.

However, when walking, running, skipping, or otherwise moving with my dog, where I place my feet is the difference in where she ends up.  Lead out pivot and face my feet towards the tunnel (even if I want her to go to the Aframe), I'll get the tunnel 100%.  But, if my feet face the Aframe, I have at least a chance that she'll take the Aframe over the tunnel (albeit a small chance given Fins tunnel love).

You may think me silly, but I practice footwork all the time without my dog.  She sits on the sidelines with the other dogs in the household (I'm sure they are making fun of me) while I get out there and practice my front crosses, serps, threadles, and rear crosses. I practice on dirt, in short grass, in tall grass, in sand, around gopher holes...whatever surface I might face.

It is like dancing.  You practice, practice, practice and each time feel like a uncoordinated fool.  Then one day, it all comes together and you feel amazing.  The sun comes down and radiates on you, little blue birds are singing, and your dog knows exactly where to go.  It is an amazing feeling.

Then the next day, you loose your mojo, and back to practicing you go.

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Trish said...

Arthur Murray school of dog agility?