Monday, August 15, 2011

Well Pups, Mom's home!

 Trains, planes, and boats were the theme of this wonderful trip with my husband.  Certainly the planes were my least favorite.  Loved the train!
 Met up with friends on the ship.  I think it has been at least 60 minutes from our last meal.  Time to eat again!
 Although there was ice, the temps were really wonderful.  The coldest day was at the Glacier but only because we hung out on deck and there was a cool breeze off the glacier.
 Yummy food!
 Got off the cruise ship and got on other ships for whale watching.
 There were Alaska dogs everywhere.  Most were pretty big, but saw some pugs and corgi's as well.
 Then there were the whales, humpback and killer whales were spotted.  Also saw dolphins and Stellar sea lions.  Very cool.
 Had tea in Skagway.  So much fun.
Beautiful sky's followed us everywhere.


Kathy said...

that looks like such a great vacation!!!

Diana said...

Looks wonderful!!!! Im glad you had a great time!