Sunday, November 13, 2011

Some Ups and downs

Went to a USDAA this weekend. 
Saturday started sorta weird.  I had a feeling that Fin didn't feel well.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but just a gut feeling.  Decided to skip classes in the middle of the day when my friend said she just didn't look herself (not me seeing something that wasn't there).  Let her sleep for a couple hours and then took her for a walk.  She seemed better to me.  Ran her around and went ahead and ran her in Steeplechase.  A great run with a off course tunnel entrance. 
And then a jumpers with of all things, an off course double. 

Today I only ran 3 runs, Jumpers, Standard, and GP.  Nice stuff in all, but going around stuff still is Fins Achilles heel.  Our Grand Prix was beautiful and she choose to go around a double off the A frame. I was then pushing the envelope trying for some distance in the weaves and just stretched it a bit too far and got a pop out of the weaves, miss cue to the 180, but I do like the ending.  I felt very brave with my front cross :)
Overall, I was a little sad that we didn't Q more.  But I was so happy to have my girl back on Sunday and I was also very grateful for health and well being.

Most of all, I'm so very sad I didn't video tape my friends most fantastic run with SpaceMonkey.  I'm a freak and I know it!


team small dog said...

Hi Vici-I think I captured these poles on film, am emailing you 2 photos right now! I think Fin looks great, boy is it hard to get our dogs to run perfect! Laura H.

Trish said...

Your not a freak, your video challenged. Nice to have you home.

Kathy said...

I am sure SpaceMonkey understands it happens. Nice runs ;-), it looks like fun and glad everyone is feeling back to normal ;-).