Monday, November 7, 2011

What's a girl to do....

Work is a bit slow right now.  Hours are limited for my project.  So guess what we get to do in the middle of the day!?!  Off we went for a nice walk.

Tazz N Fin found some nice road apples of which they are sharing.  Gross in my mind, but they love it and who am I to judge what anybody wants to eat.

We had a lovely 1.5 hour walk back and forth.  Then a 10 minute romp in the creek before heading back to the car. 

The one stretch that is difficult is the part I have to share with the bikes.  Darn my dogs are not good with bikes.  I'm working on it, but hard with the two.  Fin is so good by herself...add Tazz and I have two whirling dervishes...lord what people must think.

My thoughts.  Even bad dogs need exercise.


Diana said...

I just have to laugh because my dogs are crazy manics with bikes. Guiness is the worse. I'm sure people think I have no control of my dogs.

Kathy said...

;-), that looks like a great walk, durn those bikes