Saturday, November 5, 2011

The UKI Nationals are in my backyard and I'm not there :(

This weekend is the UKI Nationals.  I signed up, but didn't go.  Fin was so incredibly tired after powerpaws camp, I just felt she needed a weekend at home.  Nothing could make me more depressed then if she injured herself because I did too much stuff over too many weekends.

Instead I stayed home to wrangle up all the dust bunnies, take a couple hikes, visit my sisters house she has made an offer on, and hang out with my husband for a change. 
I keep hearing about the different dogs and how they are doing.  The courses look so much fun.   Hopefully it won't be too far away next year.  Totally something I'd like to do.
Tomorrow, more work on setting up the computer and if I'm really lucky, the computer will actually communicate with the printer.

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Trish said...

Kippie wants to know if your gonna dress her up again when we come to class?